Which part of speech is the word inculcate?

verb (used with object), in·cul·cat·ed, in·cul·cat·ing. to implant by repeated statement or admonition, teach persistently and earnestly (usually followed by upon or in): to inculcate virtue in the young.

What is the origin of the word inculcate?

Inculcate derives from the past participle of the Latin verb inculcare, meaning “to tread on.” In Latin, inculcare possesses both literal and figurative meanings, referring to either the act of walking over something or to that of impressing something upon the mind, often by way of steady repetition.

What does the word inculcates mean?

To inculcate is to teach through frequent instruction. If you repeatedly tell your brother how important it is to be responsible, then you’re trying to inculcate in him a sense of responsibility.

Is inculcation a noun?

inculcation noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

What does the word inculcate mean in a sentence?

Meaning of inculcate in English

to fix beliefs or ideas in someone’s mind, especially by repeating them often: Our coach has worked hard to inculcate a team spirit in/into the players.

How do you say the word inculcate?

How To Pronounce ‘INCULCATE’ | Ask Linda! | Pronunciation – YouTube

Is inculcate a transitive verb?

Because inculcate is a transitive verb, someone or something inculcates something on, upon, in, into, or to someone: Teachers inculcate irregular verb conjugations in children by drilling the forms. Ministers inculcate religious principles into their congregations by way of sermons.

What is an example of inculcate?

The definition of inculcate is to teach or instill something in a person by repeating the lesson over and over. When you teach your child over and over that lying is wrong by persistently repeating the lesson, this is an example of inculcate.

What is the past tense of inculcate?

Inculcate verb forms

Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
inculcate inculcating inculcated

What is the meaning of supercede?

Definition of supersede

transitive verb. 1a : to cause to be set aside. b : to force out of use as inferior. 2 : to take the place or position of. 3 : to displace in favor of another.

Is inculcate a positive word?

It’s a process of instilling or embedding things in the mind, so the idea of permanence is involved. And to reemphasize, the values involved are the “right” ones, giving the word a mostly positive connotation.

How do you read inculcate?

The best habit a person can inculcate in his/her life is the habit of reading because as it is said, you become what you read. Books play a significant role in the life of every individual. A magical world full of creativity, books fuel up a reader’s imagination and make people adaptive to new ideas.

How are values inculcate?

Inculcation is the instilling of knowledge or values in someone, usually by repetition. … Parents employ inculcation to instill values like “Don’t lie” and “Have courage” in their children. Military groups also use inculcation to impress their ideas upon recruits.

Does Do antonym?

Antonyms. leader disobey disoblige violate predate literalize spiritualize. make out come proceed go get along.

What is the meaning of indefatigably?

: incapable of being fatigued : untiring an indefatigable worker.

What does admonition mean in the Bible?

1 : gentle or friendly reproof remembered the admonition to keep it simple.

How do you pronounce the word pious?

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How do you say composite in English?

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What do you mean by instilled?

1 : to impart gradually instilling a love of learning in children. 2 : to cause to enter drop by drop instill medication into the infected eye.

What is a sentence for inoculate?

Inoculate in a Sentence

1. Before doctors were able to inoculate people with a polio vaccine, many people died from the disease. 2. The mother decided not to inoculate her son, refusing the vaccine because she felt the side effects were worse than the risk of him getting the disease.

What does the word impassively mean?

1 : giving no sign of feeling or emotion : expressionless. 2a : unsusceptible to or destitute of emotion : apathetic.

How do you use jejune in a sentence?

Jejune in a Sentence

  1. The billionaire couple refused to eat the jejune dish of chicken wings and tater tots.
  2. Although Evan behaved in a jejune manner at the dinner party, he actually teaches international customs at a school for diplomats.
  3. I am very jejune and refuse to eat anything I cannot spell.

Is it superceded or superseded?

Supersede is the correct spelling. The word means to supplant or take the place of. Supercede is not a word, although you’d think it might be related to intercede and precede.

What is the noun form of supersede?

supersession. The act of superseding, the fact of having been superseded.

How do you spell superceded in Australia?

Supersede is a verb that means to replace something or to surpass something in importance.

  1. Supersede is the correct spelling.
  2. Supercede is a misspelling of the same verb that has persisted for quite some time.

How do you use inculcate?

Inculcate in a Sentence

  1. In order to inculcate a love of reading, the teacher encourages her students to read different types of literature.
  2. My father spent most of his life trying to inculcate me with his values!

Is negative word inculcated?

I suppose inculcate could have a positive connotation, but the dictionary definitions I’ve seen tend to emphasize the negative connotations. @HowardPautz’s instill suggests a more positive and gentle aspect, in and of itself, of training or teaching.

How do you use inculcation in a sentence?


  1. We have tried to inculcate a feeling of citizenship in youngsters.
  2. The aim is to inculcate businesspeople with an appreciation of different cultures.
  3. Great care was taken to inculcate the values of nationhood and family.

How can you inculcate the habit of reading in students?

8 Tips to Help Young Kids Develop Good Reading Habits

  1. Make reading a daily habit. …
  2. Read in front of your child. …
  3. Create a reading space. …
  4. Take trips to the library. …
  5. Let your child pick what to read. …
  6. Find reading moments in everyday life. …
  7. Re-read favorite books. …
  8. Learn more about how kids read.

Why should we inculcate reading habits?

The best habit a person can inculcate in his/her life is the habit of reading because as it is said, you become what you read. Books play a significant role in the life of every individual. A magical world full of creativity, books fuel up a reader’s imagination and make people adaptive to new ideas.

How can teens inculcate reading habits?

Develop Good Reading Habits Among Your Teens

  1. Read with Your Teens. One of the best ways to develop reading habits in your teen would be to read along with them. …
  2. Make a Reading Schedule. …
  3. Organize A Read-A-Thon. …
  4. Keep Reading Materials at Home. …
  5. Frequent Visits to Bookstores and Libraries. …
  6. Use E-Readers.

How do you inculcate values in school?

The most common steps which can be taken in educational institutions to inculcate values include:

  1. Teaching Accountability. …
  2. Playing Role model. …
  3. Teaching Basic morals and values. …
  4. Appreciation. …
  5. For Children with weaker moral development.

How can a teacher inculcate moral values in students?

Communicate clearly and effectively. Communicate moral values in a manner that is easy for a child to interpret. Simplify it into a language that a child can easily understand. You can use examples from the child’s life and teach them the moral values behind it and their possible impact.

What is inculcation approach in teaching values education?

The inculcation approach assumes that students will take a passive learning role. Students are to follow the teacher’s instructions, answer the questions, and modify their behaviour. They are to act in accordance with pre-specified values.

Do words in English?

Do is an irregular verb. Its three forms are do, did, done. … Do is one of three auxiliary verbs in English: be, do, have. We use do to make negatives (do + not), to make question forms, and to make the verb more emphatic. …

What is the synonyms of under?

synonyms for under

  • beneath.
  • bottom.
  • concealed by.
  • covered by.
  • down.
  • downward.
  • held down.
  • inferior.

What do you do for living synonym?


  1. acquire a livelihood.
  2. earn a living.
  3. earn money.
  4. fare.
  5. feed.
  6. get along.
  7. get by.
  8. maintain.

What part of speech is the word indefatigable?

INDEFATIGABLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is parasitical a word?

Of, pertaining to, or having the characteristics of a parasite, parasitic.

What part of speech is the word ignominy?

Ignominy is a noun meaning great public shame, disgrace, or embarrassment, or a situation or event that causes this.