What is vera claythorne’s job?

Vera Claythorne is a former governess who is working as a “games mistress at a third-class school” when the novel begins. She takes a summer job on Indian Island, believing that she has been hired to serve as a secretary to a Mrs. Una Owen. Like the other characters, Vera has a dark secret.

What is Philip Lombards job?

Philip Lombard has the most mysterious past of anyone on the island. He is a world traveler and a former military man who seems to have served as a soldier of fortune in Africa.

Is Vera Claythorne the killer?

Like all the other guests on the island, Vera is guilty of murder. She killed a young boy in order to ensure that her lover got his inheritance. When the last two people alive on the island are Vera and Lombard, she believes that he must be responsible for the murders of the other 8 guests.

Is Vera Claythorne evil?

Because of her motive of her past murder, being the last guest left alive on Solider Island, and self-proclaimed liar, Vera Claythorne is the evilest guest on Soldier Island.

Does Vera regret killing Cyril?

Without proof, he can’t realistically accuse her, but he cuts her out of his life. Vera regrets the loss of Hugo, not Cyril.

Is Philip Lombard the killer?

Lombard’s Crime

Like the other guests who were invited to the island, Philip is guilty of committing murder. His crime is described as follows ‘Philip Lombard, that upon a date in February, 1932, you were guilty of the death of twenty-one men, members of an East African tribe.

How is Philip Lombard cocky?

Philip Lombard is (1) a rather cocky young man, (2) essentially a mass murderer who left a large group of natives to die when he was in the army, and (3) completely unconcerned about his moral depravity, making him the second-to-last person to die. He may admit his crime, but he’s not exactly sorry about it.

Who did Vera love?

She is very practical and careful, but she is also a romantic. She fell in love with a man named Hugo while she was employed as a nanny for a young boy, Cyril Hamilton. Cyril’s birth took away Hugo’s chance at an inheritance and Hugo told Vera at one point that he would marry her if he still had money.

What is Vera Claythorne suspicious behavior?

What was Vera Claythorne’s suspicious behavior? She was laughing about the bees.

Who does Vera think is waiting for her?

She throws away two and keeps the third one with her as she climbs the stairs to her bedroom. She tries to remember the last lines of the nursery rhyme, “He got married and then there were none.” As she walks upstairs to her bedroom she has the feeling Hugo is up in her room waiting for her.

What is Vera Claythorne physical description?

Vera Claythorne…Death. She hung herself “Hugo wanted her to do it” Lawerence Wargrave…Physical Appearance. Old-70’s/grey hair/wrinkles/week/frail.

Why is Philip Lombard on Soldier island?

Philip Lombard is hired by Mr. Isaac Morris to travel to the Island to handle a job for his client. Lombard is a man who does not consider himself to be a criminal, but he is willing to do jobs for money that are not entirely legal.

What age is Vera Claythorne?

Vera Claythorne – (female) mid 20’s, She is a good-looking girl of 25.

What was Vera Claythorne’s relationship to Cyril?

Like the other characters, Vera has a dark secret. At her last job, she was governess to a spoiled little rich boy named Cyril Hamilton. She let Cyril drown so that his relative, Hugo, would inherit his money and then be rich enough to marry her.

Is Emily Brent guilty?

No in one case, Emily was never at fault because she did not have any discriminating antagonism against Beatrice besides the pregnancy outside of wedlock. However, the mean by which Judge Wargrave found fault was that Emily was never remorseful of her actions.

Who is Hugo Vera Claythorne?

Hugo Hamilton is a minor character who featured in the 1939 novel, And Then There Were None. He was the ex-lover of Vera Claythorne, who left her following the death of his Cyril. Hugo’s reason for doing was because he believed Claythorne orchestrated the murder of his young nephew for her own benefit.

Who invited Emily Brent to soldier Island?

And Then There Were None Character Review

Captain Philip Lombard He was paid 100 guineas by Isaac Morris to do some sort of job on Indian Island.
Emily Brent She is going to Indian Island for a free vacation. She thinks she was invited by a Miss/Mrs. Oliver

What archetype is Philip Lombard?

Thirdly, Lombard is the physical archetype of a dreamboat. Lombard’s sexuality is really played up to make him appear as desirable and compelling as possible. In the novel, there is some mild flirtation with Vera, but Philip’s focus is always on “solving the mystery/puzzle”, as it were.

Why does Lombard suspect that Wargrave is Owen?

Why does Lombard suspect that Wargrave is Owen? Lombard says that Wargrave is an old man who is accustomed to presiding over courts and playing God. He thinks it is possible for such a man to have a mental breakdown and then become both the judge and the executioner. 3.

What crime did Emily Brent commit?

Emily Brent

An old, ruthlessly religious woman who reads her Bible every day. The recording accuses Emily Brent of killing Beatrice Taylor, a servant whom she fired upon learning that Beatrice was pregnant out of wedlock. Beatrice subsequently killed herself.

What was the title printed on the record which was played on the gramophone?

On page 35, Philip Lombard points out that the gramophone record is titled Swan Song. What is a swan song and why do you think the record is titled Swan Song? A Swan song is a swan’s last performance.

What is Emily Brent’s occupation?

In the novel And Then There Were None, Miss Emily Caroline Brent was a sixty-five year old stern and religious woman. Her father had been a Colonel, of the old school. When her maid Beatrice Taylor became pregnant out of wedlock, Miss Brent dismissed her. The maid later committed suicide.

Does Joan steal Vera’s baby?

Desperate to make Vera pay for what she did, Joan forged her own fake passport – along with a passport for Grace – and as she continues to watch Vera, she is just waiting to punce and snatch the former governor’s tot from her grasp. But what will her next move be? Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

Does Jake find out Vera is pregnant?

Wentworth Season 6 Episode 12 Clip: Vera’s Pregnancy Revealed To Jake… Wentworth Season 6 Episode 12 Clip: Jake finds out that Vera is still pregnant with his baby.

Is Joan Ferguson faking amnesia?

During season eight, most of the other characters refused to believe that Joan really did have amnesia, instead thinking she was faking the memory loss and knew exactly who she was.

What was Tony Marston’s job?

In the book, Marston owns a Super Sports Dalmain. In the TV series, he owns a Gensan.

Who invited Justice Wargrave to the island?

Justice Wargrave, a retired judge, has received a letter from Lady Constance Culmington to come and reminisce about old times. The invitation is unexpected, because Justice Wargrave has not heard from Lady Culmington for about eight years, so he is surprised by her invitation.

Who invited Anthony Marston to the island?

Tony was invited to the island by way of a wire he received from his old friend, Badger Berkley.

What does Lombard discover in his room?

He treated everyone like it was a trial the whole time since the very first murder. What does Lombard discover in his room following the most recent death? How does this relate to the events that have just taken place? His revolver.

What does Vera notice hanging from her ceiling?

Vera notices a hook in the ceiling and realizes that the seaweed must have hung from it. For some reason, the black hook fascinates her.

Why doesn’t Vera take the drink offered to her?

Why would Vera not drink the Brandy that Blore had offered her? Blore could be the killer and could have poisoned it for all she knew. She didn’t want to take a chance of dying.

What does Vera realize at the end of this chapter regarding Marston?

Vera looks at the poem on the wall that says, “Ten little soldier boys went out to dine, One choked on his little self and then there were Nine.” She realizes that this was just like tonight. She can’t imagine that Anthony Marston would want to die – or that anyone could want to die.

Why was Vera Claythorne invited to the island?

She is a very conservative, religious woman who holds most of the world in contempt. She has been invited to Indian Island for a holiday by someone who claims to have once shared a guesthouse with her.

What is Dr Armstrong’s specialty?

What seems to be Dr. Armstrong’s “specialty”? He cons rich women with fake diagnoses and treatments for imaginary illnesses. What warning does Blore receive from the old man on the train?

What does Vera Claythorne discover on the wall in her room?

Vera finds her room well appointed. A statue of a bear sits on the mantelpiece, and a nursery rhyme hangs on the wall. Vera recognizes the nursery rhyme from her childhood. In the rhyme, “Ten Little Indians” get killed one by one: the first chokes, the second never wakes up, and so forth until none is left alive.

Why did Justice Wargrave go to the island?

Basically, Wargrave was obsessed with death as well as enforcing justice. When he learned about people who got away with murder, he decided to lure them to the island and kill them one by one. He is terminally ill and kills himself (for real) by shooting himself.

What did Morris tell the residents in Sticklehaven?

The police suspect that Morris was murdered. The police know that the people of Sticklehaven were instructed to ignore any distress signals from the island, they were told that everything taking place on the island was part of a game being played by the wealthy owners of the island and their guests.

Who is responsible for the death of Vera Claythorne?

Vera Elizabeth Claythorne, also known as Verya Clyde in the 1974 film, is the main protagonist in Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None and its adaptations. She is one of the ten people summoned to Indian Island by Lawrence Wargrave, who have murdered in a way that the law cannot prove or punish them for.

Which character will not respond to the accusations made against him her?

Only the dignified Emily Brent will not speak to the accusation made against her.

What crime did Justice Wargrave commit?

Justice Lawrence Wargrave (himself), a retired judge, well known for handing out the death penalty. He is accused of sending an innocent man, Edward Seton to the gallows, even though there were some doubts about his guilt at the time of the trial.

Does Vera admit to killing Cyril?

Guilt and Responsibility 13:Vera finally admits to herself that she murdered Cyril. Not just simple murder, though, she had a carefully planned plot to remove suspicion from herself.

What is Philip Lombards job?

Philip Lombard has the most mysterious past of anyone on the island. He is a world traveler and a former military man who seems to have served as a soldier of fortune in Africa.

Who did Vera shoot?

Vera’s murder can be seen as one of the most heinous. The mysterious letter tells us that, ”Vera Elizabeth Claythorne, that on the 11th day of August 1935, you killed Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton. ” As it turns out, Cyril was a young boy who Vera was charged with taking care of.

Why is Miss Brent going to Soldier island?

She was invited to the island to face the crime of murder of her servant, Beatrice Taylor.

Why does Lombard have a gun?

Lombard is carrying a gun because he was hired to help get the guests out of trouble. He is known as man who has been “in a tight place.” He also says he has the gun out of “habit.”

What does Vera discover in the deserted dining room?

What did Vera and Rogers discover in the dining room right after General MacArthur is found on the beach? There are only seven little Indian figures on the table.