What is triexta smartstrand?

Triexta is a new type of polyester carpet material. It is commonly sold under the brand name Smartstrand, and it was designed to overcome the poor durability of traditional polyester carpet. Whether or not it lives up to the marketing hype is up for debate.

Is Triexta the same as smart Strand?

Triexta is a relatively new carpet fiber to the market that you’ll see called several different names. Sorona, SmartStrand, or PTT are all different names for triexta. For now, the primary manufacturer of triexta carpet is Mohawk, under the name SmartStrand.

What is SmartStrand made from?

SmartStrand (Triexta)

Think of it is a blend between polyester and nylon fibers. SmartStrand has better stain resistance than nylon and is more durable than polyester. It may not be the best in each of those categories, but it brings both stain resistance and durability to the table in 1 fiber type.

What is Triexta made of?

Triexta is a synthetic carpet fiber made from polytrimethylene terephthalate, which has some similarities to polyester.

Is Triexta carpet good for stairs?

In order to appeal to a number of scenarios throughout the home, carpets come in many materials, from natural fibers like wool and sisal to synthetics like nylon, polyester, triexta, and olefin. Of these, a synthetic nylon carpet may be your best bet for safety, stain-resistance, and strength on stairs.

Does Triexta off gas?

4. Mohawk SmartStrand. Another type of polyester carpet, SmartStrand is PTT (Triexta) instead of PET. Polyester carpets are consistently lower in offgassing since they are treated with fewer chemicals.

Can you steam clean Triexta carpet?

Steam Cleaning

Triexta is a hardy material, and can withstand short periods of extreme heat. Whereas nylon and polyester carpets may melt under the heat of a steam cleaner, triexta carpets greatly benefit from a steam carpet cleaning.

Is Triexta carpet toxic?

Is triexta fiber toxic? Carpet toxicity is a hot topic because it directly refers to your health. The good news is triexta is naturally stain resistant. So, it doesn’t use harmful stain protectants in its manufacturing.

Is Triexta carpet better than polyester?

Triexta is considered more durable and resilient than polyester carpet. Even though the fiber lacks a long track record, some industry experts also consider its performance superior to nylon. Triexta is cost-competitive with both nylon and polyester.

Is SmartStrand carpet toxic?

Toxicity is a hot topic with flooring. And rightfully so as more and more people are taking a proactive approach to their health. The Smartstrand carpet gets good grades from me in the toxicity category. The reason is Smartstrand is naturally stain resistant, so it doesn’t need potentially harmful stain protectants.

Who makes Triexta?

Triexta is a synthetic (manufactured) material developed by DuPont. While it shares many characteristics with polyester, triexta has several important differences in its chemical makeup that makes it a subclass of polyester.

What is Mohawk SmartStrand made of?

SmartStrand is made from an artificial fiber, triexta, which is a PTT polymer also known as DuPont Sorona. The fiber dates back to 2009 and is from the company that brought us nylon, a fiber found in carpets throughout the country (not to mention clothing).

What is SmartStrand silk?

Each strand of SmartStrand Silk carpet is packed with 700 silk-like, stain-resistant fibers. Thats 3X more individual fibers than found in ordinary nylon carpet. The results is a dense, durable carpet that’s luxuriously soft to the touch without sacrificng performance. Proven superior durability.

What is the hardest wearing carpet for stairs?


  • Loop pile carpets (such as Berber carpets) are very hard-wearing and will withstand a lot of footfall without flattening. …
  • Find out more about berber carpets in our guide: buying a Berber carpet.
  • Twist pile carpets also tend to be extremely durable because of how the fabric is cut and tightly twisted.

What kind of carpet is good for high traffic areas?

High-traffic areas of your home need durable carpeting, and the best options are between nylon, olefin, triexta, and polyester. These offer the best durability and stain-resistance so that they will last a long time even with children or pets in the house.

What carpet lasts the longest?

Nylon fibers are easy to clean, are resistant to wear and abrasion, and quickly bounce back from being crushed. Type 6.6 nylon carpets have always been considered the premium choice, offering the highest level of durability. Interior designers say that the denser the carpet, the greater its durability.

Why does my new wool rug smell musty?

It’s completely normal for new wool rugs to smell. Since they’re made from animal fiber, these rugs frequently come with a musty scent that fades over time. Sheepskin and cowhide rugs may also present a strong pungency on unpackaging.

Is the smell of new carpet toxic?

The “new carpet” odor is the 4-PC off-gassing, which can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation and may also affect the central nervous system. The adhesive used to affix the carpet to the floor typically contains benzene and toluene, some of the most harmful VOCs.

How can I speed up my gas?

How to speed up off gassing

  1. Ventilate, either with your HVAC system or by opening the windows, by using fans etc.
  2. Heat. As offgassing rate rises with temperature, a heater may be useful.
  3. Let a new product air out before using it. This one is not easy, especially for a couch or a mattress.

How do you shampoo SmartStrand carpet?

How to take care of Smart Strand (Mohawk) carpeting – YouTube

What is Frieze carpet?

Frieze is essentially the modern version of the old shag carpet, due to its knobby appearance, from the 60’s and 70’s. Its appearance is unique but clean. It’s often multi-colored but it can also be a solid color. Its tight twists make it more durable than some other carpet styles.

How do I know if my carpet is nylon or polyester?

Using your tweezers to hold the strand, slowly place your sample in the flame of a butane lighter, paying close attention to the action, appearance, and odor of the burning strand. If the strand arches away from the fire, it is synthetic (likely nylon, polyester, or olefin).

What is the softest natural carpet?

Jute is one of the softest and most inexpensive natural fiber carpet flooring choices available. It is especially soft, since it is made from the plant stalks rather than the leaves.

How good is Rhino carpet?

Rhino carpets deliver superior stain resistance built into the very core of the fibre as well a unique nanotechnology barrier. The fibres of Rhino Carpets are constructed in a unique way that means they do not have anywhere for spills to adhere to.

Is carpet flooring healthy?

How can carpet impact health? Carpets may trap pollutants like dust mites, pet dander, cockroach allergens, particle pollution, lead, mold spores, pesticides, dirt and dust. Toxic gases in the air can stick to small particles that settle into carpets.

Is Mohawk SmartStrand nylon or polyester?

Mohawk carpet offers selections made from nylon, polyester, and their own fiber called SmartStrand. The Wear-Dated carpet is a nylon carpet, and has been a favorite for over 30 years. Nylon has long been the carpet of choice for high traffic areas, as it holds its texture well under heavy use.

Which carpet is better Mohawk or StainMaster?

Mohawk has a better warranty, softer fibers, more options, styles and colors. If you have pets, the choice is easy, you should go with StainMaster. However, if you have a larger budget and want a better quality carpet that can more easily match your décor, Mohawk is the answer.

What is Rhino carpet made from?

Rhino carpet fibre is made using 37% renewable plant based materials and is OEKO-TEX certified free from harmful substances. Rhino is proud to be one of New Zealand’s Most Trusted Carpet brands, winning the Reader’s Digest Highly Commended Trusted Brand award for Carpet in 2020.

How long does it take for a carpet to off gas?

For most people carpet off- gassing is a minor issue or non-problem. New carpet does give off some VOCS. It usually takes 1 to 2 days for this to finish after the carpet has been unrolled and is at room temperature. In worst case may take 4 or 5 days.

Do nylon rugs off gas?

Have the carpet tacked down, instead of glued. Leave the house for at least several hours after installation, as synthetic carpets (often nylon and olefin) can emit noxious gases, including VOCs.

How much does Mohawk Smartstrand silk carpet cost?

Cost of Smartstrand Carpet

Smartstrand Carpet costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Smartstrand Carpet – Installation Cost $105.00 – $170.00 $130.00 – $150.00
Smartstrand Carpet – Total $380.00 – $520.00 $520.00 – $570.00
Smartstrand Carpet – Total Average Cost per square foot $4.50 $5.45

When was SmartStrand invented?

Building the SmartStrand Brand

Launched in 2005, SmartStrand, made of proprietary triexta fiber, was positioned as the most stain resistant carpet available.

What company makes LifeProof carpet?

LifeProof carpet is actually manufactured by industry giants Mohawk Flooring and sold exclusively at the Home Depot, the defining characteristic of LifeProof carpets is that the fibers used to make them have been engineered to give superior stain resistance and thus a higher carpet rating.

Is solution dyed nylon carpet any good?

One of the biggest selling nylon carpet types is solution dyed nylon (SDN). This product is manufactured to be colourfast and highly resistant to fading. It is also extremely wear-resistant and so it will outperform many carpet types with respect to durability.

What carpet fibers are most durable?


Nylon is a synthetic carpet fiber, and it is the number ONE choice for both residential and commercial carpet! Although nylon is the strongest (most durable) of all carpet fibers, it can still feel very soft underfoot!

How expensive is Mohawk carpet?

Mohawk carpet prices start at around $1.49 per square foot and top out at around $8.00 depending on the style, color, and series you choose. With that in mind, we feel $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot is the average in the mid-range and best represents the Mohawk Carpet cost across the board.

Is SmartStrand made from corn?

The SmartStrand family of carpet products is all made with DuPont Sorona that is sourced in North America. The corn is grown in U.S. and the fiber is made in the U.S. and the carpet is made in the U.S., so there is a “Made in America” story, Randolph pointed out.

Is SmartStrand silk durable?

After a thorough professional cleaning, the nylon soft carpet showed signs of matting, crushing, and stains. Only the SmartStrand Silk carpet released stains and remained beautiful, once again proving that SmartStrand is the most durable, easiest to clean carpet on the planet.

Is silk carpet durable?

Silk carpets are soft and luxurious, and silk dyes better and is more durable than any other fiber used to make carpets today. Because of silk’s high cost, however, the fiber is often blended with wool.

What is Everstrand carpet made of?

Everstrand is made from premium PET polyester fiber that is thoroughly purified for the cleanest strand. And with EasyClean™ stain and soil protection, an added layer of defense against stains and soil, it’s easy to keep your carpet as clean as the day you bought it.

How much does it cost to carpet 13 stairs?

Carpet installation cost

Location Average cost to install
1,000 sq. ft. house* $1,100 – $4,500
1,500 sq. ft. house* $1,600 – $6,700
2,000 sq. ft. house* $2,100 – $9,000
Flight of 13 stairs $150 – $600

What is Hollywood style carpet on stairs?

A Hollywood installation method is where the carpet is tacked down directly onto the staircase and wrapped around the edge of the tread. In fact, the carpet is stapled under the nose of the stair itself giving the staircase a crisp tailored look.

What is the best Colour carpet for stairs?

Deep and dark shades can narrow spaces like hallways, stairs and landings, which are usually lacking in natural light already. But bear in mind that white and exceptionally light shades of carpets will stain easily. Light grey and taupe shades tend to be most popular with customers.

What is a good ounce weight for carpet?

For residential use, most carpet weight settles in between 35 and 60 ounces. A higher face weight does not equal a better grade of carpet. Higher face weights will not mean you’re selecting a more durable product. The FHA also requires fibers in carpeting to meet minimum density requirements, as well.

What style carpet is most popular?

What style carpet is most popular? Twisted pile carpet is the most popular style of carpet and comes in a large variety of colors. The yarn has been tightly twisted and the loops are cut to become this style of carpeting.

Is it a good idea to specify a solid carpet for heavy foot traffic?

Fortunately, there’s good news for homeowners: with just a handful of exceptions, most modern carpet styles are ideal for heavy traffic areas. That means the decision comes down to factors like your style preferences, your renovation budget, and the amount of cleaning you’re willing to do.