What is the significance of gogol’s name?

First, his name. Gogol is Gogol, of course, because his father and mother needed a name for him before leaving the hospital. The name “Gogol” was an important one to Ashoke, who adored Nikolai Gogol’s work. Ashoke also has traumatic connection to the train-wreck during which he was reading Gogol.

How does Gogol’s name impact his identity?

Gogol’s legal name change to “Nikhil” marks an important turning point in his identity. Changing his name is his first open act of rebellion against the Bengali American identity he grew up with.

Why did Ashoke name Gogol?

Ashoke suggests the name of Gogol, in honor of the famous Russian author Nikolai Gogol, to be the baby’s pet name, and they use this name on the birth certificate. As a young man, Ashoke survived a train derailment with many fatalities.

What do Gogol’s parents teach and promise?

What do they teach and promise him? Answer: Gogol’s parents tell him that having a new name is a part of growing up. They teach him to write his new name so that he gets used to it. They promise him that they will always call him Gogol at home.

How does Gogol’s relationship with Maxine affect his identity?

Gogol views his relationship with Maxine as the height of his “American-ness” so far in his life. Maxine and her parents represent what Gogol sees as the best of American culture: the interest in art and physical affection and relational openness that Gogol has never known with his own biological family.

What does Gogol’s father give him on his fourteenth birthday?

At his fourteenth birthday party, Gogol meets Moushumi, a Bengali British girl near his own age whose family has just moved to Boston from England. That evening, Ashoke gives Gogol a copy of The Short Stories of Nikolai Gogol.

How did Gogol’s character develop throughout the novel?

Gogol is an obedient, inquisitive, and sensitive child, close to his parents and sister. The novel tracks Gogol’s growth from child into young man. This growth includes changing his name, to Nikhil, and the gradual discovery of architecture as a career.

How do Gogol’s parents try to convince him into accepting his new name?

His father agrees to allow him to change his name, signing the appropriate form, and Gogol goes before a judge to make the name change official.

How do Gogol’s parents try to remove the child’s fears?

Answer: Gogol’s parents tell him that having a new name is part of growing up. They teach him to write his name so that he gets used to it. They promise that they will always call him Gogol at home.

What happens to Maxine in the namesake?

She lives in a palace of a house, and shops ’til she drops: “He goes shopping with her on Madison Avenue at stores they must be buzzed into, for cashmere cardigans and outrageously expensive English colognes that Maxine buys without deliberation or guilt.”(6.48) Maxine has money, but she’s not embarrassed by it.

How does Ashima feel about Gogol’s living with Maxine?

She is confused when he says “Max,” his nickname for Maxine. “That’s a boy’s name,” she replies. Ashima’s call to Gogol’s office annoys him like the mosquitoes, breaking into the dream of his new life with Maxine.

What ethnicity is Maxine in the namesake?

Born to Bengali parents, she lived in England until just before her thirteenth birthday, when her family moved to Massachusetts. As Bengalis in the same community, the Mazoomdars and Gangulis are friends, but Moushumi and Gogol ignore each other as children.

Where in India are Gogol’s parents from?

Plot. The Namesake depicts the struggles of Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli (Irrfan Khan and Tabu), first-generation immigrants from the East Indian state of West Bengal to the United States, and their American-born children Gogol (Kal Penn) and Sonia (Sahira Nair).

How does The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri portray childhood?

Through the reluctance of the children to adhere to Bengalese culture, the novel depicts childhood of one which is filled with making choices, rebellion, and self-identity.

What happens the day after Gogol meets a girl named Maxine?

Maxine calls the day after the party and invites Gogol, alone, to dinner later that week, at her parents’ apartment in Chelsea, where she lives. … The dinner goes well, and Gogol falls swiftly for Maxine. He becomes part of the life of the house, and finds Maxine’s existence to have melded with his own.

What happens at the end of the namesake?

Gogol Meets Gogol, Finally

At the end of the novel, though, Gogol’s not so anti-Gogol anymore. He has started to come to terms with his Indian-American identity. He doesn’t try to ignore Bengali custom, and he doesn’t envy the American ways of his ex-girlfriends.

Why is Gogol’s mother distressed about Gogol’s decision on his first day?

When he brings home his rubbing from the gravestones, Gogol is surprised that his mother is upset, since she believes that, according to Bengali custom, it is morbid and sacrilegious to make art among the dead. Indeed, in Calcutta it is custom to burn, not bury, bodies.

How do Gogol’s parents react to Ruth?

Gogol is angered by his parents’ disapproval, pitying them for having never been young and in love as he is. That spring Ruth takes a semester abroad in Oxford, and he feels lost, longing for her as his parents once longed for their families.

Why doesn’t Ashima’s grandmother name their grandchild as Ashima and Ashoke requested?

Ashima’s grandmother suffered a stroke and no longer remembers most of her relatives and her letter containing the name for Ashima and Ashoke’s infant has been lost. Ashima’s okay with the name Gogol for her baby because she knows what prompted Ashoke to choose that name.

What is Ashima’s pet name?

Ashoke’s pet name is Mithu, and Ashima’s is Monu.

Why does Nikhil believe that his immersion into Maxine’s family is like a betrayal 141 of his own?

Why does Nikhil believe that his immersion into Maxine’s family is like a “betrayal” (141) of his own? Gogol is conscious of the fact that his immersion in Maxine’s family is a betrayal of his own, for he spends much of his time and he has come to understand that they are secure in a way his parents will never be.

Who is Ruth the namesake?

Ruth is Gogol’s first serious girlfriend, but their relationship doesn’t last long in terms of pages. Gogol meets Ruth, a white fellow student at Yale when he takes the seat next to her on the train. They strike up a conversation and begin dating.

What happened to Ashima’s grandmother?

The next day they learn that Ashima’s grandmother has had a stroke. The Gangulis begin preparing to visit Calcutta, trying to think of a good name for Gogol to put on his passport. One day Ashima goes shopping for gifts for her relatives in India and accidentally leaves her shopping bags on the train.

How did the principal try to win Gogol’s confidence?

Answer: The principal thinks that the boy is nervous because he clutches his father’s hand and does not respond to the questions asked by the principal. To win his confidence, she bends down, so that her face is levelled with his and puts her hand over his shoulder to assure him that he need not be afraid.

Why did Ashima and Ashoke move to America?

When Ashoke thinks of India, he thinks of a place he barely survived, a place he needed to leave in order to learn how to live again. Their child’s birth makes Ashima miss India all the more, for Ashoke, it serves as a fresh reminder of why he chose to move to America.

Who is Mr Lawson in the namesake?

The Namesake (2006) – Linus Roache as Mr. Lawson – IMDb.

What is Ashima’s second pregnancy like?

What is Ashima’s second pregnancy like? She is constantly sick and smells bother her a lot. Why does Gogol’s father take him to his first day of kindergarten? Ashima gets sick riding in a car so Ashoke must take him.

What are some cultural differences Gogol’s family experiences?

Gogol, in particular, is torn between two cultures – the Indian traditions of his parents and the mainstream American culture in which he grows up. His struggle is the same one that his sister Sonia goes through, and his wife Moushumi, too. It’s also related to the struggle his parents undergo as immigrants.

What is the significance of the title of The Namesake?

The “namesake” of the title, named after his father’s favorite Russian writer, Nikolai Gogol (1809–1852). A first– generation Indian American whose uneasiness with his name exemplifies his difficulties in fitting in, either to his parents’ expatriate world or to the world inhabited so comfortably by his American peers.

What is the main idea of The Namesake?

Gogol engages in a constant struggle to remain loyal to both worlds. Hence, the major theme portrayed in the novel is one of identity. This them is illustrated vividly by examining the importance of one’s culture and background, gender, and name as the definition of patriarchal lineage and destiny in life.

How is Gogol’s name tied to his identity in the novel The Namesake?

First, his name. Gogol is Gogol, of course, because his father and mother needed a name for him before leaving the hospital. The name “Gogol” was an important one to Ashoke, who adored Nikolai Gogol’s work. Ashoke also has traumatic connection to the train-wreck during which he was reading Gogol.

What is Gogol’s occupation after college Where is he living?

Gogol goes to New York City after college where he gets a job and attends a graduate program in architecture. Maxine invites Gogol to dinner at her parents home. Gogol feels more relaxed and at home with the Ratliffs than he does with his own family.

How do Gogol’s parents respond after they are told he wants to change his name officially?

The summer before he begins college at Yale, Gogol tells his parents that he wants to change his name to “Nikhil”, they object that it is too late. He blames them for giving him a pet name instead of a real name, a name that is Russian instead of Bengali, a name that he thinks cannot be taken seriously.

What secret of Gogol’s does Moushumi reveal to the guests at the dinner party how does Gogol react?

When the topic of names comes up at the dinner party, Moushumi tells everyone that Gogol changed his name. Gogol feels that Moushumi has betrayed his trust.

Why has Ashima sold the house on Pemberton Road?

Ashima has to sell the house because it is no longer possible for her to stay now that Sonia is getting married. She will spend six months in the US and six months is Calcutta.

What does Ashima’s father do for a living?

Ashima’s father

an illustrator in Calcutta.

How does Ashima change in the namesake?

Ashima’s character undergoes a great transformation throughout the novel as she adapts to new customs and new family dynamics. She ends up adopting a new perspective on life and finally settles with dividing her time between India and America.