What is the setting in chapter 9 of lyddie?

The setting toke place in Lowell,Massachusetts in the Concord Corp. The setting in chapter 9 is very important because thats where Lyddie is working. They assigned lyddie to the weaving room where she met Diana. Diana helped get started in the loom and she also showed her some techniques when something goes wrong.

What is the plot in chapter 9 of Lyddie?

The gist of chapter 9 is that Lyddie starts working at the factory in the noisy, dusty weaving room. M. Marsden assigns her to the kind Diana Goss, who is an experienced factory girl. Diana takes Lyddie under her wing and teaches her how to read and write.

What is the setting of Chapter 10 in Lyddie?

Lyddie’s second day, her first full day at the mill, is exhausting. The factory girls rise at four-thirty each morning, begin work by five, and do not stop for breakfast until seven. Lyddie struggles with the noise, the dust-filled air, the heat, swollen feet, and the still-unfamiliar work.

Where is the setting in Lyddie?

The novel, which begins in 1843, is set both in rural Vermont and industrial Massachusetts. The protagonist, Lyddie Worthen, has been raised in a cabin surrounded by pastures dotted with sugar bush.

What was the kiss of death in Lyddie?

Lyddie watched while Diana showed her how to use the shuttles. When one got to her, Diana put her mouth to it and sucked out the weft thread. Lyddie looked at Diana strangely when she did that and Diana told her “we call this the kiss of death!” Lyddie watched Diana for hours and helped when she could.

Is Lyddie a true story?

Lyddie is a 1991 novel written by Katherine Paterson. Set in the 19th century, this is a story of determination and personal growth.


First edition, 1991
Author Katherine Paterson
Language English
Genre historical fiction
Publisher Dutton Books

Why did Lyddie’s roommates dislike Diana?

Why do Lyddie’s roommates tell her she should not go and see Diana? They say that she is a known radical. She is part of The Female Labor Reform Association which speaks out for better working conditions. Diana tries to get the other girls to join her and sign a petition.

What happens in chapter 11 of Lyddie?

After a few weeks, Lyddie realized that Betsy was borrowing the book from a lending library and she was paying 5 cents a day to borrow it! When Lyddie got her first paycheck she gave 10 cents to Betsy to help cover the cost of the book. Before Lyddie knew it Betsy had finished reading Oliver Twist.

What is the plot of Lyddie Chapter 12?

The gist of Chapter 12 is that Lyddie got a letter from her mother saying they need more money and the death of her little sister, Agne. Lyddie works harder to make money for the family. Betsy kept on insisting that they are slave. She desperately want to make a lot of money in the harsh condition of the work.

What are the characters in Chapter 10 of Lyddie?

Lyddie Chapter 10- “Oliver” – YouTube

Where is the setting of Chapter 1 Lyddie?

Cabin: At the beginning of the book, Lyddie lives on a farm in Vermont, with a small cabin on it. Tavern: Next, Lyddie goes to live and work at a tavern in a village in Vermont.

What is the setting of Lyddie Chapter 3?

It was September and Lyddie had been working at the tavern for a few weeks now. One day, Lyddie saw that the woman in pink silk had come back. Lyddie overheard her talking about how she worked at a factory in Lowell, Massachusetts . When the woman recognized Lyddie she said to her “you’re a good worker.

What year was Lyddie set?

Set in 1843, the film tells the story of Lyddie, an impoverished farm girl whose father has been gone for three long years, and whose mother has left her to fend for herself.

Who are the characters in Chapter 9 of Lyddie?

she is the one who is new to the weaving room. Lyddie isn’t used to weaving so Diana helps her which introduces us to Diana as a new character in the story, as well as Amelia, prudence, Betsy, mr marsden and the overseer. Diana Goss may be considered as the rebel of all of Lyddie’s friends.

What is Amelia’s reaction to Lyddie’s visit with Diana Goss?

Amelia does not like Diana and does not want Lyddie to go out.

What is the setting of Lyddie Chapter 8?

Bedlow takes Lyddie to the Concord Corporation Factory so that she can get a job. Lyddie is intimidated by all of the new, huge, and noisy machinery . Lyddie and Mrs. Bedlow speak to a man who offers Lyddie a one year contract with the corporation.

Does Lyddie marry Luke?

Lyddie makes a major decision to marry Luke Stevens since his family now owns the farm. Lyddie makes a regrettable decision to run away with Rachel for the Phinneys cannot claim her. Lyddie decides she will no longer have contact with her own family because she thinks it will be for their own good.

Is Lyddie a boring book?

I found this book to be incredibly boring, and so did my students. There was not much of any plotline and the majority of the book felt very unnecessary. This may have been better as a short story.

Who is Luke Stevens in Lyddie?

Simon James: Luke Stevens.

Why is Diana infamous in Lyddie?

Infamous means famous for a bad reason. People use these words to describe Diana because she fights against unfair working situations when no one else will, which makes her a radical. The words used to describe Diana make the reader think she has a bad reputation and may cause Lyddie to get into trouble.

Who is Ezekial and what is he doing in Lyddie’s cabin?

The man told Lyddie that the Stevens’ had told him that it was safe to stay in Lyddie’s cabin. Then, he introduced himself as Ezekial Abernathy. He was a runaway slave who used to be a preacher.

Why is Diana Goss known as a radical and call herself infamous?

Diana is known as a radical because she advocates for worker’s rights and called herself infamous because she is bad and guilty of being mean to the other girls.

What is the plot of Lyddie Chapter 13?

Lyddie writes a letter home to her family explaining her successes, hard work, and attempts to pay off all of the family debt. Betsy signs the petition for better working conditions. Betsy is fired for it and decides to apply to attend Oberlin College. Lyddie is injured working so many machines at once.

Who are the characters in Chapter 12 of Lyddie?

Lyddie started to think about the characters. Mr. Bumble, Fagin, Nancy, and Bill Sikes. As she thought about the characters she also began to think about her own family.

How does the letter from Lyddie’s mother in Chapter 12 affect her?

How does the letter from her mom affect Lyddie? She realizes there is no hope of seeing her family again. She cries more than she has ever cried before. She feels more determined to earn money to reunite with her family on the farm.

What are Betsy and Amelia arguing about?

What are Betsy and Amelia arguing about? Does Lyddie agree with either of them? They were arguing about what Lyddie should be doing. Lyddie sides with Betsy.

What is the plot of Chapter 14 in Lyddie?

Lyddie must now train a new worker, an Irish immigrant girl named Brigid. Lyddie is not happy about having to do this. She’d rather be working at her own looms. Diana continues to persuade the girls to sign her petition for shorter work days, and Betsy does so.

How does the speed up in Chapter 13 affect Lyddie refer to pages 97 99?

How does the factory speed-up in Chapter 13 affect Lyddie? She is mentally and physically exhausted. She is worried abut Betsy. She eats more to keep up her energy.

What chapter did Betsy get sick?

Chapter 14

The working conditions at the factory are taking a toll on everyone – Amelia returns home, and Betsy, who has had a terrible cough, gets very sick and must be put in the hopital.

What causes Lyddie to cry?

The air in the factory was so dusty that Lyddie’s eyes were burning. With all of this happening, Lyddie was trying her best not to burst into tears.

Why does Betsy leave the mill?

Why does Betsy leave the mill in chapter 14? Betsy was fired and blacklisted for signing the labor petition. Betsy is forced to leave because of her poor health.

What is the setting in Chapter 5 Lyddie?

Lyddie goes to visit her home while MIstress Cutler is in Boston. On the way she stops to see Charlie and learns he is at school. She is jealous. When she get home she finds a black man hiding in her house.

What is the setting of Lyddie Chapter 4?

Chapter 4. Lyddie is settling into her job at the tavern, taking responsibility for the kitchen fire, coping with Willie, the hired boy, and developing a friendship with Triphena, the cook. Triphena tells her the story of two frogs that fell into a butter churn.

What is the plot in chapter 2 of Lyddie?

As Lyddie and Charlie began to pack their belongings to leave their farm they felt very sad. As they continued their conversation, Lyddie and Charlie decided that because Mama was selling them away to work to pay off the family debts , they did not owe her the calf which was worth some money.

Who are the characters in Chapter 1 of Lyddie?

Lyddie characters chapters 1-6

Agnes Lyddie’s sister, 4 years old
Ezekial Runaway slave
Charlie Lyddie’s brother
Luke Stevens Lyddie’s neighbor

What is the plot of Lyddie Chapter 1?

Lyddie tells Mama that even if they all leave she can’t leave the farm. She tells her that even if she wanted to come they won’t be able to afford coach fare for the whole family so she will stay behind. Charles takes their pig to sell in order to get enough money for the family to go to Aunt Clarissa’s in Poultney.

What is the main idea of Chapter 3 Lyddie?

The main idea of Chapter 3 is that Lyddie knows that if she enter the tavern she would lose her freedom. Outside the tavern she met the mistress and she mistaken Lyddie as a beggar because she was barefoot and dirty. Since she was being watch from the mistress she work even harder when she work in the farm.

Why does Lyddie return to the tavern?

Lyddie told Triphena that Mama had died and Uncle Judah had sold the farm. Lyddie felt sad telling Triphena how her life had seemed to have turned out. Lyddie told Triphena that she wanted to come back and work at the tavern.

How old is Diana Goss in Lyddie?

Diana Goss had came to the mill fifteen years earlier as a ten-year-old orphan. Now, Diana moves “from loom to loom like the silent angel in the lion’s den, keeping Daniel from harm” (p.

How many siblings did Lyddie?

The Farm. Lyddie Worthen and her family must face a lot of hard things living on a farm in Massachusetts in the 1840s. One of these things is Lyddie facing off with a bear! She has to scare the bear away to protect her mother and siblings Charles, Rachel, and Agnes.

What does flaw mean in Lyddie?

flaw. imperfection, mistake. radical. someone working for change, especially as relates to society, the economy, or the government.

How does Mrs bedlow help Lyddie?

Bedlow, and how did she help Lyddie? (pages 52 – 53) Mrs. Bedlow was the coachman’s sister. She gave Lyddie a bath, and a place to sleep. She also washed Lyddie’s clothes.

What type of hair does the overseer have on top of his head in Lyddie?

He has no hair. He is bald. Who helps Lyddie begin to use the loom after the overseer leaves? What is near the window in the weaving room?