What is the scale of dollhouse furniture?

Standardized sizes for modern dollhouses​ include 1:6, 1:12, 1:16, 1:24, and 1:48, while antique houses are often a custom size. Some scales are popular for collectors of artisan miniatures, while others are more useful for children’s play or families who share a range of hobbies with similar scales.

What is standard dollhouse scale?

The 1:12 scale has its roots in the imperial measuring system – where one inch on the doll’s house is equivalent to one foot on a real house. So the house is twelve times smaller than a full size house. Historically, it was chosen as the scale for Queen Mary’s dolls house.

How do you determine the scale of dollhouse furniture?

If you don’t know the scale of your dollhouse, you can generally determine it by measuring the ceiling height of the first floor/main level. If it measures between 8″ and 10″ (generally), you could be pretty certain you have a 1″ scale dollhouse.

What size doll is 1/12 scale?

Quick Dollhouse Scales Chart

Scale Real Life Size Miniature Size
1:6 12ft 24in
1:12 12ft 12in
1:24 12ft 6in
1:48 12ft 3in

What does 1/12 scale mean for dollhouses?

1:12 scale is sometimes called one-inch scale and means 1 foot (or 12 inches) on a real item that has been scaled down to 1 inch. If you measure the ceiling in your house and it’s 10ft, it would be 10in in the dolls house.

What is the most popular dollhouse scale?

Now, to the basics: 1/12 dollhouse scale is generally considered the most common scale, and that’s what the majority of our dollhouses, furniture and accessories are. 1/12 scale, also called 1” scale, simply means that something that is 12” in full-scale is 1” in 1/12 scale.

Are Barbies 1/12 scale?

Items in 1:6 scale, also known as “Playscale” or “Fashion Doll” scale, are sized to fit with common fashion dolls such as Barbie or collectible action figures, principally military action figures.

What scale is Lundby dollhouse furniture?

Lundby houses, furniture and accessories are 3/4 inch scale, also known as 1:16 or today as 1:18 scale, where 1 foot in real life is 3/4 inch in dollhouse size.

What scale are Lori dolls?

The Lori Dolls are 6″ but all the accessories are perfect for 1:12 scale.

What scale is Playmobil?

The signature Playmobil toy is a 7.5 cm (3.0 in) tall (1:24 scale) human figure with a smiling face. A wide range of accessories, buildings and vehicles, as well as many sorts of animals, are also part of the Playmobil line.

What is the smallest dollhouse scale?

1:144 Dollhouse Scale

The smallest possible dollhouse scale.

What scale is petite princess dollhouse furniture?

I made this little dollhouse room. It is based on 1930s kitchens. It is in half scale, where 1/2 an inch equals one foot.

What are scale model sizes?

The “scale” of a model is it’s size relative to the size of the “real” version. So compared to a 1:24 scale model, the real version is 24 times larger in size or 1:1 in scale. The model on top is “1:18 Scale”, which means it is one eighteenth the size of the real thing.

What scale is the Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse?

Overall this is quite a reasonable toy to go with a standard 1/12 scale dollhouse.

What is a 1/8 scale?

The scale is 1/8 inch equals one foot.

What is 28mm scale?


Figure height Scale foot Scale ratio
20 mm ≈4 mm ≈1:76–1:72
25/28 mm ≈4.17 mm 1:64
30 mm 5 mm ≈1:61.0
32 mm ≈5.33 mm ≈1:57.2

What is half scale dollhouse?

Half Scale (also called 1:24 or 1/24 scale) means 1/2 inch equals a foot. Again, the example: If your adult dolls are 2-1/2 to 3 inches tall and your rooms are 5 to 6 inches high you have half scale.

What is a 1 scale dollhouse?

1 inch Scale is the most popular and traditional miniature scale. 1 inch equals 1 foot. That means your 1 inch scale dollhouse measures 1 inch for every foot a full size house would measure.

What kind of wood do you use to make a dollhouse?

Dollhouses and other miniature scale buildings often come as kits or completed structures made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) or Baltic birch plywood. Both materials give off some gasses, so they should never be left unfinished.

What scale is 12 inches?

The 1:12 scale is a traditional scale (ratio) for models and miniatures. In this scale (ratio), one inch on the scale model or miniature is equal to twelve inches on the original object being copied.

What is a 1/16 scale?

It represents a size of the model in proportion to the real machine on which it is based. Eg: 1/16 scale means it is one sixteenth the size of the real machine, while 1/64 scale means it is 1/64 the size of the real machine. For a modern 2WD or FWA tractor: 1/16 scale model is typically about 30 cm long.

What size dolls are Barbie?

A standard Barbie doll is 11.5 inches tall, giving a height of 5 feet 9 inches at 1/6 scale. Barbie’s vital statistics have been estimated at 36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips).

What scale is Maileg?

Maileg furniture varies between 1:12 and 1:6 scale, their furniture sizing is unique to the brand and differs between each piece. This means that with a different house, some pieces of furniture would look quite large, particularly in scale to the ceiling height.

What scale are Monster High dolls?

Monster High dolls are a great example, spanning from 10.5″ to 28″ and being almost perfectly in scale with each other. The ‘standard’ Monster High dolls are 10.5″ (Petite Slimline at 100%).

How are miniature scales calculated?

1″ scale: 1 foot in real life, equals 1 inch in miniature life. Also known as 1/12th Scale. Always when breaking down a real life object to a certain scale, you divide the length and width by the number of parts in scale , 12 for one inch scale, 24 for half scale, or 48 for quarter scale.

What are the small Our Generation dolls called?

Jenny | 6-inch Mini Baking Doll | Our Generation.

How many inches are Lori Dolls?

The line is called “Lori” and includes a variety of 6-inch dolls (formerly the Our Generation mini dolls) along with several outfits and accessories.

What scale are Mini brands?

Scale. The scale across the line is not always consistent, but most items are close to a 1/6 scale. For reference, Mini Brands are often less than 2 inches tall and will mimic a brand’s shape and packaging.

What is a sixth scale figure?

An average one sixth scale (1:6 scale) Hot Toys figure is around 12 inches tall depending on the character or hero, and features an astonishingly high level of detail. These 1:6 scale figures are built on a standardized base body crafted by Hot Toys that are fully articulated.

Is Lego and Playmobil the same company?

Playmobil and Lego are two European toy manufacturers which have developed a strong rivalry over the last four decades.

What is the most common miniature scale?

Miniature Scale is…

Perhaps the easiest model scale is one inch to the foot, the most common for dollhouses. Called one-twelfth scale and written as 1:12 or 1/12, an object one inch tall in miniature would be twelve times that, or 12 inches tall in normal size.

What scale are triang dolls houses?

Tri-ang 1:16 Scale Houses &amp, Doll’s House Miniatures for Doll with Vintage.

How do you determine scale size?

To convert a scaled measurement up to the actual measurement, simply multiply the smaller measurement by the scale factor. For example, if the scale factor is 1:8 and the smaller length is 4, multiply 4 × 8 = 32 to convert it to the larger actual size.

How do you calculate scale model size?

To find the Scale of your Model: Take the length of the Full Size Ship in Feet, multiply (x) by 12 to get the Length in Inches. Take that number and Divide it by the Length of your model (also in Inches), and you will have determined the Scale.

What are the scale sizes?

Model scales

Ratio Millimetres per foot Common use
1:200 1.524 mm Architecture Ship models Die-cast aircraft
1:182.88 1.667 mm
1:160 1.905 mm Model railways (N)
1:152 2.005 mm

How tall are Fisher Price Loving Family dolls?

The Fisher-Price Loving Family adults are about 5.5 inches tall. Doll family members include mom, dad, big sister, little brother, toddler sister, grandparents, and a gender-neutral baby.

What is bigger 1/8 scale or 1/10 scale?

So, 1/8 scale is bigger than 1/10 scale. This is well is illustrated by comparing the 1/10-scale Axial Yeti and the “extra large” Yeti XL, which is 1/8 scale.

How big is a 1/5th scale?

1:5 – 92 cm (36 in) long.

What does a 1/4 scale mean?

A 1/4″ scale means that each 1/4″ (inch) on the plan counts for 1′ (feet) of actual physical length. To scale a blueprint in imperial units to actual feet. multiply the measurement on the drawing (in inches decimal equivalent) with the denominator.