How is laura like the glass menagerie?

Laura Wingfield: Amanda’s daughter and Tom’s older sister, Laura suffers the results of a childhood illness which left one of her legs malformed and in a brace. As a result, Laura is painfully shy and has withdrawn herself the outside world. She is much like her beloved glass figurines: delicate and frail.

How does the glass menagerie symbolize Laura?

Similarly, Laura, though quiet and bland around strangers, is a source of strange, multifaceted delight to those who choose to look at her in the right light. The menagerie also represents the imaginative world to which Laura devotes herself—a world that is colorful and enticing but based on fragile illusions.

How would you describe the character of Laura?

Laura is romantic, impulsive, self-centered, shallow, emotional, and deludes herself. As a typical example of a middle-class person, she put her needs, whims, and desires first.

What does Laura Wingfield represent?

Laura Wingfield represents his real life sister who was disabled physically, but also emotionally. Laura plays a very shy and sensitive girl who does not speak a lot during the play but holds great significance for the overall meaning of the play.

What is Laura’s mental condition in the glass menagerie?

Laura is deeply fragile, both emotionally and physically: she is painfully shy, and a childhood illness has left one leg slightly shorter than the other, making her walk with a limp. The glass menagerie of the title refers to Laura’s prized collection that she carefully polishes and rearranges.

Why does Laura give him the unicorn?

Laura presents the broken unicorn to Jim as a souvenir. The figurine becomes a memory of Laura that Jim can bring with him when he leaves Laura and returns to his life, but it also signifies the normal woman that Laura will never become.

What is the significance of Laura blowing out the candles?

Laura’s act of blowing out the candles at the play’s end signifies the snuffing of her hopes, but it may also mark Tom’s long-awaited release from her grip. He exhorts Laura to blow out her candles and then bids her what sounds like a final goodbye.

How is Laura selfless in the glass menagerie?

Laura also has the fewest lines in the play, which contributes to her aura of selflessness. Yet she is the axis around which the plot turns, and the most prominent symbols—blue roses, the glass unicorn, the entire glass menagerie—all in some sense represent her.

Why is Laura so shy in the glass menagerie?

Tom is the provider for the family and the play is told from his memory. Laura is an extremely shy young lady because of a childhood illness that left her crippled with one leg slightly shorter than the other. She is controlled by her mother whom is living in the past and trying to live her dreams out through Laura.

Who is Laura in the garden party?

Laura. Laura Sheridan is the protagonist, or main character, of the story. Her reaction to the news of a neighbor being killed in an accident shows how she is beginning to notice that she has different perspectives and values from her family.

How does Laura react to the kiss?

How does she react? She is nervous at first, but she quickly calms down and begins to enjoy talking to him.

How did Jim and Laura originally know each other?

He talks to her about the Century of Progress exhibition in Chicago and calls her an “old-fashioned” girl. She reminds him that they knew each other in high school. … They reminisce about high school and Jim’s glories. Laura also remembers the discomfort and embarrassment she felt over the brace on her leg.

How does Laura react to the glass breaking?

As soon as the unicorn is broken, Laura maintains that now it does not feel as freakish and looks more like the other horses. Symbolically, Laura is feeling more normal now than she has ever felt.

What is Tom’s personality in The Glass Menagerie?

Character Analysis Tom Wingfield. Tom Wingfield was the potentially creative character caught in a conventional and materialistic world. He was the free spirit who had to curb his wings by working at a dreaded and disliked job in a shoe warehouse.

What is the message in The Glass Menagerie?

The main themes in The Glass Menagerie are memory and nostalgia, filial piety and duty, and gender roles. Memory and nostalgia: The Glass Menagerie takes place in Tom’s memory. Tom, Laura, Amanda, and Jim each feel the pull of both painful memories and nostalgia.

What is the last line of The Glass Menagerie?

for nowadays the world is lit by lightning! Blow out your candles Laura—and so goodbye.” This is the closing scene in the play.

What does Laura realize at the end of The Garden Party?

To Laura’s astonishment, once Mrs. Sheridan realizes the death wasn’t in the garden, she has no more sympathy for the Scotts than Jose does. She is “amused,” suggesting that the Sheridans have no reason to worry about the Scotts.

What kind of character is Laura in this story?

The story’s curious and free-spirited protagonist, Laura is Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan’s teenage daughter and sister to Laurie, Jose and Meg. As she begins to come of age, Laura starts to realize the pitfalls of her privileged upbringing, especially the restrictions it places on socializing.

How does Laura become psychologically mature?

Her psychological development gets climax when she arrives the dead man’s house and visited the dead body. Here in this stage of story, Laura discovers the real world free from class tension. Now, she maturely understands that all human being are equal in death.

What is Laura Wingfields dream?

She insists that Tom will fulfill her vision of him as the successful businessman. And when the dream of Laura in business school falls apart, rather than see reality Amanda constructs a new fantasy life for her daughter in the realm of gentleman callers and marriage prospects.

Why does Amanda accuse Laura of deception?

When Laura asks her what is wrong, Amanda accuses her of deception. Amanda tells Laura that she was by the business school in order to inquire about Laura’s progress. It was then that she found out that Laura had not been attending school.

How are the unicorn and Laura similar?

A unicorn is a special animal that is different from others, so it stands out, which is similar to Laura because she is handicapped, so that makes her stand out. When Laura and Jim meet, Laura gives Jim her glass unicorn to hold and says, “Go on, I trust you with him!” (Williams 83).

What happens between Jim and Laura in The Glass Menagerie?

Jim is Tom’s friend and was in the same school as Laura, he is engaged and when he tells this to Laura on their first meeting after school, she is heartbroken because she loved him. The story ends in disharmony when Tom finally decides to abandon his family obligations and never to return (Bradford 1-2).

When O’Connor breaks the glass unicorn accidentally How does Laura react?

The accident with the unicorn foreshadows his mishandling of Laura, as he soon breaks her heart by announcing that he is engaged. Just as Jim’s clumsy advances make Laura seem and feel like an ordinary girl, his clumsy dancing turns her beloved unicorn into an ordinary horse.

What happens to Laura as she goes to purchase groceries in Scene 4?

Laura gets Tom out of bed and implores him to apologize to their mother. He remains reluctant. Amanda then sends Laura out to buy groceries on credit. On the way down the fire escape, Laura slips and falls but is not hurt.

What is Laura’s reaction when Tom breaks some of her glass menagerie at the end of the scene what might this symbolize?

At the end of the scene, Tom’s violent action causes some of Laura’s glass to be shattered. Tom returns to pick up the glass but is unable to utter a word. This symbolically represents Laura’s inner feelings.

How old is Laura in The Glass Menagerie?

Laura Wingfield

Twenty-three years old and painfully shy, she has largely withdrawn from the outside world and devotes herself to old records and her collection of glass figurines.

What is Laura’s reaction when she learns the identity of the gentleman caller how does Amanda respond to this reaction?

What is Laura’s reaction when she learns the identity of the gentleman caller? How does Amanda respond to this reaction? Amanda insists that there must be a gentleman caller for Laura. Laura is nervous at this idea because she is shy.

How does Tom feel about Laura?

Tom’s attitude toward Amanda and Laura has puzzled critics. Even though he clearly cares for them, he is frequently indifferent and even cruel toward them. His speech at the close of the play demonstrates his strong feelings for Laura.

What is the relationship between Tom and Laura in The Glass Menagerie?

Two unique characters that have a very strong relationship are the brother Tom, and his sister, Laura. Tom is a confused, young man who supports his sister. Laura, his sister, has very low-self esteem and does nothing but sulk around the house all day. Their mother Amanda, is absolutely a lunatic.

What is Laura’s most prized glass animal?

He reproaches her for her shyness and low self-esteem but praises her uniqueness. Laura then ventures to show him her favorite glass animal, a unicorn.

What is Laura’s favorite animal among her glass figurines?

The Unicorn

The glass unicorn is Laura’s favorite figurine among her glass menagerie.

How does the Glass Menagerie relate to Tennessee Williams?

In the play’s original production notes, Williams says that the music “serves as a thread of connection and allusion between the narrator with his separate point in time and space and the subject of his story.” And as Tom says in the opening of the play, “In memory, everything seems to happen to music.”

What did Jim nicknamed Laura during their high school days?

At first Laura is paralyzed by her shyness when Jim joins her, but, once they start talking, she begins to come out of her shell. They reminisce about how they knew each other in high school and the nickname, “Blue Roses,” he had for her.