How is antonio presented in the merchant of venice?

Antonio is presented in “The Merchant of Venice” as melancholy and highly affectionate and devoted to Bassanio.

How is Antonio portrayed in The Merchant of Venice?

In The Merchant of Venice, Antonio is a generous and loyal friend but blunt and aggressive when it comes to his enemies. At points, his character too seems tragic like Othello who takes the course of misery by not trusting his wife. Antonio is a character who is simple and true, yet naïve and many times over confident.

How is Antonio presented in The Merchant of Venice essay?

Although central to the play, Antonio is portrayed by Shakespeare as an ‘outcast’. It seems that Antonio is chronically depressed and is not involved in the social atmosphere that is thriving in Venice. Along with Shylock, both men seem bitter and have difficulty in expressing their emotions.

Is Antonio a good person Merchant of Venice?

After hearing rumors that one of Antonio’s ships crashed, Solanio describes Antonio as good and honest—a person he wishes he could befriend. Readers gather from this and other descriptions of Antonio that he is well-loved throughout Venice as he’s been kind, generous, and honest to most people.

Who is Antonio as a character?

Antonio is the merchant of the title and is the first character we meet in this play. He has invested all his money in cargo that is currently on numerous ships. When his best friend Bassanio asks for a loan of 3000 ducats, he is unable to offer cash, but agrees to act as a bond.

How is Antonio portrayed in the opening scene?

Antonio is portrayed as a melancholy character from the outset of the play. In the first scene, Antonio’s friends, Salarino and Solanio, insist that Antonio is upset and depressed about his ships. Antonio is a wealthy merchant whose money is invested in his ships.

How is Antonio presented in The Tempest?

He is arrogant, cynical, and a through-and-through villain, not willing to pray for salvation when the ship is sinking and blaming the wreck on the mariners. Faced by Prospero, who begrudgingly forgives him while taking back his Dukedom, he says nothing. He is still able to mock Caliban, however.

Why is Antonio the main character in The Merchant of Venice?

Antonio is the protagonist and titular merchant in The Merchant of Venice. Antonio incites the central conflict of the play by accepting Shylock’s terms in order to secure a loan. Antonio wants to help Bassanio win Portia, and is willing to do anything to achieve this goal.

How does Antonio feel at the end of the play?

iii. 35 – 36 ). Antonio ends the play as happily as he can, restored to wealth even if not delivered into love. Without a mate, he is indeed the “tainted wether”—or castrated ram—of the flock, and he will likely return to his favorite pastime of moping about the streets of Venice (IV.

Why is Antonio so sad in Merchant of Venice?

He said Antonio’s sadness is due to he is aging and he would like to mess with young people like Bassanio. So from this point his love to Bassanio is more like a father to a son.

Who is Antonio in love with in The Merchant of Venice?

Both Antonio and Portia love Bassanio but in two different ways. Portia perceives Antonio’s agape is in competition with her eros, (both forms of love will be defined later) and throughout the play she is seen trying to defeat Antonio’s agape and she does this by subjugating Antonio, firstly with her wealth.

How old is Antonio in The Merchant of Venice?

That could make him, say mid-40s to Bassanio’s 25-35? And he does seem set apart from the rest of the young men – age would be one way to do it.

How does Antonio show power?

Antonio once plotted to overthrow Prospero and later encourages Sebastian to do the same to Alonso. He is a power-hungry and conniving character, and never shows remorse for his cruel schemes or their consequences. Antonio is noticeably silent in response to his brother’s offer of forgiveness at the end of the play.

Why does Antonio help Bassanio?

antonio helps bassanio by borrowing money from Shylok the jewish money – lender to loan to bassanio so that he can court Portia, a wealthy heiress.

How does Antonio behave towards Shylock?

Answer: Antonio’s behaviour towards Shylock later is simply outrageous. He says he is ready to call him a dog and spit on him again. It is strange that he gets so provoked even when he is a supplicant, needing financial help for his friend.

Why is Antonio feeling melancholy in the opening scene of The Merchant of Venice and what is the dramatic sequence of this melancholy?

Antonio is sad because he’s losing Bassanio. Simple as that. It helps that Antonio isn’t a very assertive character, so the “pound of flesh” plot can hum right along without any interference from him. Antonio occasionally spars with Shylock, but Antonio’s a lightweight, and his heart isn’t really in it.

What reply does Antonio give to his companions to explain their argument?

Antonio replies that he cannot give Bassanio another loan, as all his money is tied up in his present business ventures, but offers to guarantee any loan Bassanio can round up.

What secret pilgrimage is Antonio referring to?

Antonio asks about Bassanio’s “secret pilgrimage” to see a lady. (Hmm.

Where is Antonio from in The Tempest?

Alonso is King of Naples and Ferdinand’s father. Antonio is Prospero’s brother. He became Duke of Milan after overthrowing his brother.

What motivates Antonio in The Tempest?

As Prospero’s younger brother, Antonio is motivated by envy and by a desire to create trouble. His actions against Prospero were not sufficient to satisfy his ambitions, and now, Antonio convinces Sebastian to murder his brother. …

Is Antonio a main character in The Tempest?

The play’s protagonist, and father of Miranda. Twelve years before the events of the play, Prospero was the duke of Milan. His brother, Antonio, in concert with Alonso, king of Naples, usurped him, forcing him to flee in a boat with his daughter.

Why is Antonio a passive character?

Antonio is presented as a melancholic and passive character because: 1. Antonio as a whimsical person not bothered about the consequences of his actions, justifies his signing the bond agreement.

What does Antonio compare life on this earth to?

When Antonio is speaking to Gratiano at the beginning of the play, he compares life on this earth to a staged play. He feels that we are here acting out the part that the gods have set out for us and we are here to entertain them with our scripted antics.

Who owe money to Antonio What all does he owe other than money?

Q. Who owes money to Antonio does he owe anything else? He enters a contract with the moneylender, Shylock, which says Antonio will owe Shylock one pound of his flesh if the loan is not repaid within three months. By agreeing to this bond, Antonio shows his great love for Bassanio.

What does he say about Antonio and Bassanio towards the end of the scene?

(v) What does he say about Antonio and Bassanio towards the end of the scene ? Answer: He says that Antonio and Bassanio are great friends. There were tears in Bassanio’s eyes at the time of his parting from Antonio. Antonio was also very sad and serious.

Why can’t Portia choose her own husband?

Not so fast. Not only is every potential suitor out to get his hands on Portia’s wealth, but Portia doesn’t even get to choose her husband, because her (dead) dad set up a little contest (“lottery”) involving three caskets to ensure his little princess married the “right” man.

What does Antonio mean when he says I hold the world but as the world?

Here Gratiano is saying that Antonio’s problem comes because he cares too much of the world’s opinion, and anyone who spends his life worried about what others think of him will lose their respect.

Why is Antonio suffered in the opening of the play The Merchant of Venice?

What reason does Antonio give for being sad in the opening scene of the play? He stands to lose a fortune in his present business ventures. He owes a fantastic sum of money to Shylock.

Why does Bassanio kiss Antonio?

Early in the new film version, when Bassanio asks Antonio for the money, Radford has the two retire to Antonio’s bedroom to talk. They discuss Bassanio’s plans and Antonio agrees to help. But before he leaves, Bassanio delivers a kiss that is as passionate as any with Portia.

Does Antonio hate Shylock?

Answer and Explanation: In The Merchant of Venice, Antonio hates Shylock for two reasons, because Shylock takes advantage of his customers and because he is Jewish.

Who is Antonio where is he?

Answer: Antonio is the title character in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. An influential, powerful, and wealthy nobleman of Venice, he is a middle-aged man and a merchant by trade who has his financial interests tied up in overseas shipments when the play begins.

What is Antonio problem in The Merchant of Venice?

Antonio happens to be having that cash-flow problem that merchants sometimes have. His ships are due in from the East and he would have to get a bridging loan, but he agrees to get the loan to help his young friend.

What happens to Antonio at the end of Twelfth Night?

Antonio eventually ends up receiving confirmation of Sebastian’s affection for him. However, Antonio is also conspicuously left alone at the end of the play, when almost everyone pairs off. He drops out of the main action without any clear resolution or statement as to what his fate will be.

How does Antonio feel about Prospero?

Antonio betrayed Prospero, even though Prospero thinks he treated him well. Antonio is trusted by Sebastian and uses his trust to persuade him to kill his brother. Antonio is motivated by personal ambition, according to Prospero.

What did Antonio do with Prospero and who helped him?

Working in concert with the King of Naples, Antonio usurped Prospero of his dukedom. Antonio arranged for the King of Naples to pay him an annual tribute and do him homage as duke. Later, the King of Naples helped Antonio raise an army to march on Milan, driving Prospero out.

What does Antonio mean when he says what’s past is prologue?

Antonio uses it to suggest that all that has happened before that time, the “past”, has led Sebastian and him to this opportunity to do what they are about to do: commit murder, or make another choice. In contemporary use, the phrase stands for the idea that history sets the context for the present.

How does Antonio help us a new?

Answer: antonio helps bassanio by borrowing money from Shylok the jewish money – lender to loan to bassanio so that he can court Portia, a wealthy heiress.

Why does Shylock hate Antonio How does Antonio help Bassanio?

Shylock explains his enmity for Antonio. He has a bias against Antonio as a Christian and hates him even more for Antonio’s practice of lending money without interest, undermining Shylock’s usury business. Shylock wants revenge for years of Antonio’s mistreatment.

How would Antonio raise up the fund?

The best Antonio can do is to lend Bassanio money by allowing him to charge all of his expenses to his credit. Antonio tell Bassanio, Thou know’st that all my fortunes are at sea. Neither have I money nor commodity To raise a present sum.