What deal did captain orlov and chief chowig make?



The Aleuts (/əˈljuːt, ˈæl.juːt/, Russian: Алеуты, romanized: Aleuty), who are usually known in the Aleut language by the endonyms Unangan (eastern dialect), Unangas (western dialect), Унаӈан (lit. ‘people’, singular is Unangax̂), are the indigenous people of the Aleutian Islands.


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are people who are natives of a Russian island. The leader of the Aleuts, Captain Orlov reassures Chowig that this time they will do their own hunting and will pay the villagers with half of their catch.

What does Captain Orlov offer with rather than otter pelts?

He says they were promised more than one strand of beads per pelt. Orlov then offers a string of beads and an iron spearhead.

What happened to Chief Chowig in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Chowig represents the male leadership (patriarchal order) of the village. He negotiates for his people with the Aleuts. As he tells his daughter, he believes the Aleuts are incapable of friendship (2.7), and soon he gets killed by the Russian men.

Why has Captain Orlov and the Aleuts come to the island?

Captain Orlov is the leader of the Russian hunters who come to the Island of the Blue Dolphins to hunt for otters. … He represents the malicious nature of the Russian fur seal hunters, who kept the Aleuts as slaves and were not hesitant to resort to violence.

Why did karanas father tell Captain Orlov his secret name?

Karana’s father is killed in the battle, and she and the other villagers agree that it was because Chowig told Orlov his secret name that he was unable to properly defend himself and was killed.

How old is Karana at the end of the book?

Authorities were unable to locate anyone who could speak her language. She died, from obscure causes, seven weeks later. O’Dell’s novel compresses the interval between the massacre and the evacuation to a single year and makes Karana a 12-year-old who jumps overboard to rejoin her little brother.

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu death?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu’s death? She put a mixture into the spring water to make the dogs go to sleep. Their ship had sunk in the storm, then their was no other ship.

What happened to Chief Chowig What did Karana say was the reason for this?

What happened to Chief Chowig? Chief Chowig died by the fight. The reason was he gave the Russian his secret name.

Who is with Ramo and his sister Karana on the island?

Tutok. Tutok is an Aleut girl that comes with a hunting party after Karana has spent a few years on the island. Tutock happens upon Karana’s dwelling and the two eventually become friends, though Tutok eventually has to leave with her people.

What weapons did Karana make?

Karana makes her own spearhead, bow, and arrows.

Why was Karana’s father making a new spear?

Why was Karana’s father making a new spear? He is preparing a weapon to fight for the otter he was promised. … Because the otter pelts where worth much more money.

Why does everyone in the tribe have two names?

Tribes often have more than one name because when Europeans arrived in the Americas, they used inaccurate pronunciations of the tribal names or renamed the tribes with European names. Many tribal groups are known officially by names that include nation.

How did Karana and Tutok become friends?

Tutok becomes friends with Karana when they exchange names and play games together during Tutok’s short stay on the island. The friendship between the two girls is a very important one since it’s based on understanding and communication with each other (even though they don’t even speak the same language).

Why did only Karana’s father speak to the Russian?

Why did only Karana’s father speak to the Russian? He was the chief of the tribe. How does Karana describe her brother Ramo’s eyes? They were black like a lizard’s.

What did Ulape discover that caused so much excitement in the village?

What did Ulape discover that caused so much excitement in the village? a school of white fish. You just studied 43 terms!

What were Karana and Ramo doing when they first saw the ship *?

Strangers Come to the Island. The main character, Karana, remembers a day when she and her little brother, Ramo, were digging up roots for the village to eat when they saw a ship in the distance. … The leader of the strangers, who were called Aleuts, asked if his people could camp on the island and hunt sea otter.

What does Rontu mean in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

After the fourth night, Karana names him Rontu, which means ‘Fox Eyes. ‘ Rontu becomes Karana’s constant companion as she moves about the island each day.

How old is Ramo?

Ramo is a curious and mischievous six-year-old boy who is the proud informant of everything that happens on the island.

Why did Scott O’Dell wrote Island of the Blue Dolphins?

O’Dell said that in the story he tried to weave together the themes of ”reverence for all life and the Christian ideal of forgiveness. ” The book was written with no audience in mind, he said, it was ”just something I wanted to say to myself.

Why do you think Karana adopted the two baby birds?

Karana knew that if she broke up the fight they would eventually fight again. Why go you think Karana adopted two baby birds ? They provide her with company and friend ship.

Why did Karana make a special spear in the winter?

Karana raises her spear to kill the devilfish (which are very tasty), but it shoots out a cloud of ink and escapes. Karana decides to spend some of her time during the winter making a special type of spear she has seen people of her tribe use to catch devilfish.

What happens on the island when Karana is napping under the canoe?

During the last day of hot weather, Karana paddles her canoe down to the sandspit to patch it up with pitch, as she does every spring. Tiring from the work, she slips on her island shades (“shields made of wood with small slits in them to see through”) and takes a nap under the canoe (27.2). … Karana jumps to her feet.

What had Karana decided while she sheltered herself from the storm what gave her the courage to take such decision?

Karana decides she needs weapons to protect herself from the dogs, but the laws of Ghalas-at forbid women from making weapons. Karana returns to her village to sift through the ashes in the hope of finding spearheads, but, finding nothing, begins to look elsewhere.

How did Karana patch the leaky canoe?

Karana steers the canoe by using the location of stars as guides, but waves push her off course. The canoe springs a leak, and Karana patches it with material from her skirt.

Why did the chief warn the villagers not to visit the Aleut camp?

Why did the chief warn the villagers not to visit the Aleut camp? The Aleut’s don’t understand friendship, don’t speak their language, they are the people that caused many trouble years ago.

How old is Karana?

Karana, only 12 years old at the book’s beginning, turns out to be adept at hunting, building and tool-making, and quickly becomes a strong, capable young woman surviving in an unforgiving wilderness.

What is Karana’s secret name?

When Karana finally reveals her secret name to Tutok, it is a marker of trust and an acceptance of friendship. The meaning is only significant to Karana, however, because Tutok does not know about secret names. When it comes time for Tutok to leave, Karna is at first happy, because the Aleuts are gone.

Why can’t the ship wait for Ramo?

Upon reaching the ship, Karana looks around for Ramo, but he is nowhere to be found. … Chief Matasaip explains to Karana that they cannot wait for Ramo, because if they do, the ship will be wrecked against the rocks.

What does Karana’s dog’s name mean?

To her surprise, Karana is somewhat disappointed, and begins to call out for the dog. When she enters her house, however, she finds the dog inside. That night she sleeps inside the house and decides to name the dog Rontu, which means Fox Eyes.

What did Karana make from the teeth of the bull?

In chapter 13, Karana has gone to the cliffs to kill a bull sea elephant to make arrows from their teeth. According to Karana, a sea elephant is a type of seal that weighs as much as thirty men.

How does Karana get a sea elephant tooth?

Perhaps the fight between the bull sea elephants will accomplish her task for her. Perhaps one sea elephant will kill the other, thus enabling Karana to get a tooth for her spear.

What did Captain Orlov give in exchange for the otter pelts?

By Scott O’Dell

Ulape and Karana hide on a ledge to watch the drama unfold. On the beach, Chief Chowig is in conversation with Captain Orlov. The men are having a disagreement. Orlov offers Chief Chowig a black box filled with beads in exchange for the otter.

What does Captain Orlov offer with rather than otter pelts?

He says they were promised more than one strand of beads per pelt. Orlov then offers a string of beads and an iron spearhead.

What did Karana make in Chapter 12?

Karana decides to create a home in Chapter 12 of Island of the Blue Dolphins. After finding and transporting the materials she needs, she works hard to construct a house where she will feel comfortable and secure.

Do Native Americans pay taxes?

All Indians are subject to federal income taxes. As sovereign entities, tribal governments have the power to levy taxes on reservation lands. Some tribes do and some don’t. As a result, Indians and non-Indians may or may not pay sales taxes on goods and services purchased on the reservation depending on the tribe.

Who is known as Red Indian?

Native Americans who were living in North America when Europeans arrived there used to be called Red Indians.

Why did Captain Orlov come to the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

Captain Orlov is the leader of the Russian hunters who come to the Island of the Blue Dolphins to hunt for otters. He’s a shifty guy who promises that he has come in peace, but in the end, he betrays Chief Chowig.