How do you keep a wandering jew full?

Keep the soil evenly moist (but not soaking wet) at all times. Water the plant thoroughly, and allow the water to drain from the bottom of the pot. Wandering jew plants will tolerate being overwatered once and a while, but it’s best to make sure not to allow the plant to sit in water for too long.

How do I make my wandering Jew Fuller?

Rather than cutting back the plant to make it look fuller, simply take cuttings from healthy branches when it’s looking leggy, and root them in the same container with the mother plant. Periodically remove dried-out or discolored leaves.

Why Is My wandering Jew so leggy?

Weak, Leggy Growth

This is very common during the winter months, and is caused by a lack of light. Check the location of your wandering jew to ensure it’s getting the right amount of sun, or add a grow light.

How do you make a Tradescantia bushy?

Pruning. Due to the vining nature they’re named for, Tradescantia need regular pruning to maintain a pleasing, bushy appearance. Gardening Know How recommends pinching back about a fourth of the plant to “encourage branching and increase fullness.”

How often should I water wandering Jew?

Watering a wandering Jew planted in the ground is similar to watering a containerized plant. Water only when the soil feels dry, wetting the root zone to a depth of about 6 inches, and then let the soil dry before watering again. Don’t allow the soil to become either waterlogged or bone dry.